Latest New Experiences

7 Feb

I have three weeks of New Experiences to blog about (and I still need to think of something for this week).

One New Experience was that instead of getting my regular duck, apple and sage sausages (so good, but really expensive!) I bought crocodile sausages instead. They were described as a mixture of fish and chicken, and I like both of those so I figured it was worth a shot.

They were so gross.

Possibly we overcooked them – how they look raw is pretty much how they look cooked, so it’s hard to tell when they are done. They were dry and had this weird, gamey taste. But hey, now I know.

Another New Experience was after our Chinese New Year meal, when I went with Jon, Klene and Ray to Crown Casino. Jon is a Crown pro, and knows the ATM limits and which ATMs have higher withdrawal limits (one near the food court apparently). Jon and Ray played craps, $30 blackjack, and a bit of roulette. I think they lost $150 each, and that money went fast! I played $1 roulette – I lost $1 (betting on a corner), then won $5, then lost $5, then lost $5 (betting on evens/odds). I decided all the excitement was too much for me and cashed in my money, content with my $4 profit.

Also, since Jon is a Crown pro, he has a method for getting free parking (you have to have a Crown card, but they are free). You go to the poker room, and put your name on the waitlist for the poker tables. You give them your card, and they’ll pre-emptively add free parking to it. Then you can just run off and not play poker. Sneaky!

And my most recent New Experience was trying fish oil. I don’t think I can really tell the difference, but supposedly it’s one of the few supplements that isn’t a complete waste of time, so I figured I’ll keep at it, at least until the huge tub is empty.

Week 1: Made vanilla extract
Week 2: BJJ day camp
Week 3: Used Myki and went to Beatrix
Week 4: Tried new skincare
Week 5: Competed at the Pan Pacs
Week 6: Joined Kiva
Week 7: Tried durian and frog fallopian tube
Week 8: Attended a chicken auction
Week 9: Graded for my BJJ blue belt
Week 10: Went to Isthmus of Kra
Week 11: Makeover at Mecca Cosmetica
Week 12: Tried the Melbourne Bike Share
Week 13: Picnic at the Carlton Gardens
Week 14: Johnston Street Fiesta
Week 15: Sydney getaway
Week 16: Helped James do a fresh install on the Vaio Z
Week 17: Tried Evernote (and loved it!)
Week 18: Rock climbing
Week 19: Baking Day with Cat, Scott and Alex
Week 20: Went to the beach (I don’t do this often. It was a Big Moment)
Week 21: Jailbroke my Kindle
Week 22: Went to Bar Lourinhã
Week 23: Tried crocodile sausages (they are gross)
Week 24: Gambled at Crown (won $4)
Week 25: Started taking fish oil


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