Days of Our Chicken Lives

24 Jan

Here is the latest chicken gossip:

Princess Layer has started worming her way into the in-group! When the choice scraps get thrown out, Gertie and Jermy always get first dibs and if the other chickens try to eat alongside them, the old ladies will chase them away. But recently they’ve begun to tolerate Layer eating alongside them. My current theory is that it’s because Layer has started laying eggs and now the older two see her as their equal. They’re all like “you are a woman now, come eat this corn with us”.

Look at Layer being a sneaky social climber.

Ani has also started laying, so I’ll be able to see if my theory is correct. Here she is, pondering her possible ascension into the cool group.

While the cheese (aka Hen Solo) stands alone.

Ani and Layer both lay pretty small eggs (30g+ compared to the 80g monsters that Gertie and Jermy produce) Here is a Layer egg. It’s lovely and blue because she is an araucana, and she’s been producing eggs pretty frequently. This egg is 36g and according to Cat the yolk is normal size and the whites are tiny.

Here is a Layer egg next to a 75-80g egg from the Vic Market.

The ladies also like jumping onto Cat’s raised garden beds. Unfortunately they are not particularly aerodynamic.


Once they get up there they just kind of walk around pecking at stuff and being very pleased with themselves.

They have totally hit the chicken jackpot – of all the possible lives they could have led, being a backyard chook who gets to free-range forage and eat chicken scraps is pretty sweet. My parents often bring the chickens leftover soy bean soup. Cat said that they’re really proud of how much the chickens like the soup, and she doesn’t have the heart to tell them that the chickens like everything. Apparently once mum gave them the soy stuff after they had just eaten, and the chickens were really unenthusiastic, and mum was crushed. =(

Also this photo makes me laugh. When you look at Layer head on, her face looks like a hand clenched into a fist.


2 Responses to “Days of Our Chicken Lives”

  1. Cat January 24, 2012 at 11:52 am #

    Sssh! Didn’t you say mum reads this?!
    32g from Layer today. So pretty! I’ve heard the eggs get less blue as they get older though =(

    • pamperedhousewife January 24, 2012 at 11:53 am #

      Maybe she wants to branch out in the leftovers she brings but feels like she can’t because she thinks the soy bean soup is their favourite!

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