Grid-It Organiser: A Great Companion to the Red Oxx Airboss

19 Jan

My post on the Red Oxx Airboss is probably one of the most accessed pages on my blog (I think the other popular ones are the Louis Vuitton agenda – that one is a monster, a Nigella Lawson recipe, and the Dyson handheld vacuum). So I thought I would post an update on the Airboss since there are obviously lots of people looking for information about it.

Although he is travelling less frequently now (2-3 days in Sydney every 3 weeks and 2 days in Brisbane every month or two) James still loves his Airboss. He no longer uses the pouch organiser from eBay – instead he upgraded to the extra large Grid-It organiser. It retails for $29.95 USD (but we picked it up slightly cheaper on eBay).

Originally we weren’t sure what size to get, but then I had the bright idea of laying out all of James’ stuff, then measuring how much room that took up to see what size we needed.

The Grid-It fastens everything securely so it doesn’t fall out during transit like they did with the pouch he used to use. It’s easier to get at, and slips neatly into one of the Airboss’ side pockets. It also takes up less horizontal space (which can make the Airboss bulky and not fit under plane seats) and takes up more vertical space (which, in the side pockets, goes largely unused).

So if you have the Airboss and find that all of your cables, chargers, etc are hard to find, the Grid-It is a great way of organising everything. James is a packing machine now.


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