Citibank Visa Signature Credit Card

9 Nov

James and I got new credit cards as part of our mortgage package (which, FYI, has still not gone through). It’s harder to earn points (2 points per $2 with the Qantas Amex and 2 points per $3 with the Qantas Visa compared to 1 point per $1 with the Citibank Visa)  but the rewards are slightly cheaper (13,500-14,500 points for a $100 gift voucher compared to 17,200 with Citibank), and more importantly we can buy Qantas flights with our NAB points. James was also pleased because the NAB cards are linked to his bank accounts, which makes them easier to pay off.

But then Citibank sent us an offer for a new credit card. Apparently we get 80,000 points as soon as we spend money on the card, but I’m not sure if we qualify for that given that we upgraded from our old card instead of applying for the credit card.

It’s an upgrade from our old credit card, but at the same annual fee ($0!). Now we earn 1.5 points per $1 spent (instead of 1 point), but the biggest benefit – the one I am really excited about – is 4 points per $1 spent internationally, including online purchases.

That is huge. Amazon, Steam, The Book Depository, Ozgameshop, Net-a-Porter, Kiss and Makeup NY, Asos, Lululemon … I’m getting giddy just thinking about it. Not to mention how awesome it will be when we go travelling. Though I’m not 100% sure how it works – like if I buy from an international store but use my Australian Paypal account to pay for it does it still count?

James did a chart working out which credit card was better. Using the Citibank Signature locally is better than using our NAB Qantas Amex if we use the money to buy vouchers ($11,467 per $100 voucher compared to $13,500) but apparently using your Qantas points for flights is much better value than using them for vouchers. So our plan is to use the Amex for places like Woolworths, Dan Murphy and Myer, and the Visa everywhere else to cover our bases.

Yes, I am overthinking the credit cards. But I like maximising my opportunities for free things. =)


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  1. polittacking November 9, 2011 at 2:22 pm #

    you need help

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