Beatrix (Again)

3 Nov

688 Queensberry street, North Melbourne

I didn’t get a shot of the exterior last time. From the outside and to the side, Beatrix looks like one of those houses-that-used-to-be-shopfronts that dot the inner city.

After my first sublime sandwich at Beatrix I took James back so he could also try it out. Plus it helped in my quest to eat (almost) all of the Beatrix sandwiches. On offer that day was The Sampson – pot roasted Spear Creek lamb shoulder with spicy harissa carrot salad, labne and mint.

The lamb was gorgeous – moist and lamby (without being greasy). The carrot was a little bit tart and a little bit sweet, and it went well with the mint and the yoghurt. It was slightly (but not very) spicy and tasted vaguely Middle Eastern.

Oh, also, they source their lovely ciabatta bread from Let’s-A-Loaf, which is available from the big bread store at the Vic Market. James wasn’t as big a fan of the bread as Kim and I were though – also he said that I had hyped Beatrix up too much =(. James thought the bread overwhelmed the contents of the sandwich, and overall he preferred the bread/sandwiches at Earl.

I wish he’d been able to taste The Chachi, since meatballs are probably more his style (and also I do think The Chachi was better than The Sampson).

We finished with a passionfruit sponge cake. I’m generally not a fan of sponges, but I liked the tanginess from the passionfruit, and even with the cream the texture was light and airy.

There are a couple more sandwiches on my must-try list – I want to try The Rachel (to see how it compares to my reuben), and there are a few more that I can’t remember the names of. I guess I’ll just go without James and bring him back a slice of cake. =)
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