Bikini Shopping!

2 Nov

On Cup Day, James and I took the opportunity to do some shopping. We went to Zara and he bought two basic fitted t-shirts in navy blue and off-white, and a long sleeved top in grey-blue. He is gradually phasing out his baggy t-shirts, which is great because fitted shirts are more grown-up and also they look really good on him.

I wasn’t that impressed with the Zara Basics for women, but the men’s basics were fantastic and pretty good value – I think James’ 3 tops came to about $65.

James mocked me because I spent almost three times that amount for 5% of the fabric. I bought a bikini from the Mash Up range at Seafolly ($69.95 for the bottoms and $99.95 for the top):

image from Seafolly

He also pointed out that he would wear the t-shirts regularly, whereas I would only wear the bikini a few times a year. Shut up James.

I’m quite picky so I was actually really happy to find what I wanted at all. I wanted the bottoms in a boy-leg cut, and I don’t like triangle or strapless bikini tops. It wasn’t a dealbreaker, but I also wanted it to be a solid colour, not patterned.

But then Cat was like “it looks like a bra” so I got worried and went back to Seafolly to try on the triangle bikini top in the same range (which I think was $49.95), just in case it looked better. Nope, the bustier top looked so much better. It wasn’t even close.

The bustier feels really secure, and it’s comforting to know that my boobs won’t fall out if I get knocked around by a wave. I’m also a big fan of the padding (which the triangle bikini also had) because it means your nipples don’t poke through the fabric when you’re out of the water and suddenly there’s a breeze. I know it sounds stupid, but these are the little things that make a difference!

When I was trying everything on I noticed that my stomach is really pale compared to the rest of me (my face used to be that shade, and James called it “internet white”). That will be rectified after 20 minutes in the sun, but it still looked really weird.

Some friends from England are visiting over the Christmas season, and hopefully we’ll spend some time at the beach together so I can even out my tan and also get my money’s worth with the bikini. =)

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