Virgin Velocity

30 Oct

James finally hit Gold membership in the Virgin Velocity Frequent Flyer program!

Virgin sent him a fancy welcome package with his new gold card and some personalized gold luggage tags. The gesture was somewhat marred by the fact that they sent him the card and tags meant for someone called Gordon Dinwoodie. When James finally got around to calling Virgin, it turned out that Gordon Dinwoodie had already complained, and the correct package was already on its way.

According to James there are two really awesome perks at Gold – the first is that if he gets to the airport early he can change to an earlier flight for free as long as there is room on the plane. The second is that he gets priority boarding – he is speedy so he hates having to wait for people, and he sits in the window seat and he doesn’t like it when the middle and aisle seat people get there first.

You also get access to the Virgin Lounge, which is apparently pretty cool, and has free wireless. Also food and booze! James doesn’t use it because he said it’s not conveniently located, and also he normally moves his flight to an earlier one so there isn’t much lounging time. Though he said we could frolic around in it a little when we go to Sydney for Klene and Ray’s wedding. I was quizzing Howie about the food available in the lounges – he said that they served Kettle chips!

Me: Can you take food out? Like the chips?
Nah, they serve it to you in bowls. But you could theoretically ask for 10 bowls and put them in a plastic bag.

Actually, James did get to use the Sydney lounge a week ago when a whole bunch of flights were delayed. He drank one Beez Neez beer. I feel this was an opportunity wasted and will not be making the same mistake.

James doesn’t get any credit for my flights so  when we booked our flights to Sydney we opened a Velocity account in my name. An upcoming feature will be that you can merge family accounts together, so we’ll just do that at some point.

Also in other rewards-point related news, I realised that you get Virgin frequent flyer points by spending money on eBay – 2 points per $1 spent. It’s not huge given that James gets something like 1100-3000 points a flight, but since I would have bid on the item anyway they’re free points. Right before I bid, I close my existing eBay windows, then log into my Velocity account and look for the eBay link to click through. A brief message comes up saying that they’re tracking my purchases for that session, an eBay page opens, and that’s it!

You have no idea how marvelously happy this makes me. I love getting stuff for free!

2 Responses to “Virgin Velocity”

  1. joanium November 2, 2011 at 8:50 pm #

    I think I will have ‘made it’ when I get membership to an airline lounge. I think I can get the mileage up but not the status points (that is, I travel far but not often).

    That reminds me of something interesting that happened to me… I’ll write it up on my blog 🙂

    I once went to the Qantas lounge and they had really yum gluten free muesli.

    • pamperedhousewife November 2, 2011 at 10:51 pm #

      James worked out that he probably won’t be able to keep his gold membership next year, so we will have to enjoy the perks while they last!

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