Donna Hay Magazines

19 Oct

On the weekend I picked up an eBay auction I won – 17 Donna Hay magazines for $26.

I’m quite pleased because it worked out to around $1.50 a magazine ($1.70 if you count the cost of my train ticket). I think this lot was really cheap because the seller specified pick-up only.

They go for a lot more than that on eBay – usually $4 to $10 (and issue number 4 – which sadly I don’t have – goes for $30+!). That’s more than retail when you include postage – so if I wanted to get rid of them I could probably make a couple of hundred dollars.

But for now I’m happy to just leaf through them and check out the food porn. Sometimes it’s nice to have actual recipe books instead of printing recipes off the net.

And that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing this week while I’ve been sick. Also browsing the net and feeling sorry for myself. =(


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