New Experience #4 (And My Sasa Skincare Haul)

12 Sep

A couple of weeks ago I became obsessed with Sasa, which is an online store that carries a lot of Asian beauty brands and is cheaper than Strawberry Net for a lot of products. I spent about $150 USD, mainly on brands that I can’t get here, and received free expedited shipping to Australia (which took about a week).

BB Creams

Apparently BB creams are like tinted moisturisers with suncreen (and some sort of skin whitening stuff?) and are really popular with Asian women. I bought two different brands to try – Skin79 and L’Egere.


I also bought a couple of lotions (Asian lotions = Western toners) – the HadaLabo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion and a sample size of Kose Medicated Sekkisei Recovery Essence.


I also picked up a travel-sized set of Shu Uemura cleansing oils (which also came with a sunscreen and moisturiser), and the Juju Aquamoist Washing Foam.


I bought a little travel sized version of the Clinique Moisture Surge moisturiser, a little sample size of the SK II Anti-Age Skin Signature moisturiser, and the Juju Aquamoist Moisture Milk. I also got the Kose Urenoa Moist hand cream because it was super cheap ($2.80) and I figured I could just chuck it in my backpack to help my torn-up post-BJJ hands.


I picked up some hydrating face masks by Juju Aquamoist. My favourite purchase was a tiny sunscreen called Naris Up Frogtime Sun Protect Milk SPF50+. If a coy frog with sparklehands can’t protect me from the sun I don’t know what can.

Frogtime Sun Protect!

Sasa also threw in a free lip balm, but eh.

And this all ties in to my new experience for last week – to try out some new skincare. It’s actually going to take more than one week (though I will only count it for one) because I’m going slowly in case something reacts badly with my skin – that way I can pinpoint what caused it. I got the idea from my physio, who would wait until I’d done an exercise for a week before adding another one.

So far I’m loving the HadaLabo lotion – it’s much better than the (vastly more expensive) SK II toner I used to use,  and after an initial tacky feeling on my skin it absorbs beautifully and leaves my skin really plump and hydrated. I keep patting my face now. =) I spent a not-insignificant amount of time this morning hunting for a travel-sized version of the lotion, but while a 30ml version exists, it is unavailable for purchase. I’ll just have to decant some of it into a smaller container for travel.

The next product I’m going to add is the Juju Aquamoist washing foam, then the moisture milk. Hopefully they are as awesome as the Hadalabo lotion.

Also at some point in the next couple of weeks I have to go to Chemist Warehouse and buy some more Cetaphil gentle cleanser because we’re running low and it’s the only cleanser James likes. Cetaphil have a special offer at the moment where you get a free moisturiser with the 1L cleansers and I’m stocking up because I’m cheap like that. =)

Week 1: Made vanilla extract
Week 2: BJJ day camp
Week 3: Used Myki and went to Beatrix
Week 4: Tried new skincare

6 Responses to “New Experience #4 (And My Sasa Skincare Haul)”

  1. polittacking September 12, 2011 at 2:00 pm #

    why are you using skin whitener..?

    • pamperedhousewife September 12, 2011 at 2:03 pm #

      The BB cream? I mainly dodge the whitener stuff (hard to do with Asian skincare!) but all of the BB creams have whitener in them I think.

  2. Wen September 14, 2011 at 2:32 pm #

    jubus….what can I say?? you are CRAZY!!!! sasa is no longer that good?? you should make a trip to HK then!! haha….

    • pamperedhousewife September 14, 2011 at 2:33 pm #

      I love everything I’ve tried so far! My cousin said she thinks Asian skincare suits our skin better and I’m starting to think she’s right.

  3. xguard September 21, 2011 at 5:00 pm #

    LAB = Best Skin care. Next is Bio Therm

    • pamperedhousewife September 22, 2011 at 9:40 pm #

      I’ve used Biotherm before, but didn’t really like it that much. =(

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