Purchases From Kitchenware Direct

2 Sep

I bought some kitchen goodies from Kitchenware Direct earlier this week. They are cheaper than Peters of Kensington for many items, and have free shipping if you spend over $100 (which I did).

The main thing I wanted was a Scanpan steamer insert for my saucepans.

image from Kitchenware Direct

I currently use a cheapo plastic one that came with my rice cooker and the heat has warped it pretty badly. I steam vegetables 3-4 times a week, so I figured it was about time I bought a proper one.

I’m also getting excited about pizzas again so I bought a pizza peel (which is actually waaaay bigger in person than I had expected!).

image from Kitchenware Direct

I also grabbed some other pizza/pastry-related tools; a rocking pizza cutter (which is supposed to be way better than the traditional wheel cutter), a dough scraper, and a pastry mat for rolling out dough. The dough scraper looks a bit shit, so now I wish I’d spent the extra $3 on the metal one. I was close to buying a baking stone but apparently it’s cheaper to just get some unglazed quarry tile from Bunnings.

I’m also considering buying a really great chef’s knife, and am starting to do some research on it. In the meantime I should probably sharpen my existing knives!


2 Responses to “Purchases From Kitchenware Direct”

  1. Cat September 2, 2011 at 9:14 pm #

    I have one of those dough scrapers – they come in really handy for cleaning off wooden chopping boards when you cut up chicken or fatty meat =)

    I also need to sharpen my knives =(

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