31 Aug

688 Queensberry street, North Melbourne

Love, love, love.

I just came back from Beatrix and am all swoony with bready goodness. Kim came over to pick up some sourdough starter, and we hopped over to Beatrix because I’ve been hearing wonderful things about their sandwiches.

They have a different sandwich every day of the week (except Tuesdays when they are closed) and post the upcoming sandwiches on their facebook page. As you can see from the board, today’s sandwich was the Chachi – chianina white beef and ricotta meatballs braised in tomato with basil and balsamic roquette.

Which was fantastic. The photo doesn’t do it justice (also I wish I’d taken the photo at a slight angle to get a better indication of size), but trust me – it was an incredible sandwich. Everything was perfect – they weren’t stingy with the meatballs, which were packed with flavour, the mozzarella was glorious and clumpy, and there was enough sauce to get the tomato taste but not so much that it dripped everywhere. I got the large ($13.50) and Kim got the small ($11.50). The large is about twice the size of the small.

The bread was among the best I’ve had – the outside was light yet shattery and the inside was chewy and moist.

Look at the beaters above the counter. And all those gorgeous pastries. The raspberry meringues were on the other side of the counter and looked amazing. I would have bought one except I had a container of pastries at home (courtesy of Kim). See?

Everyone seemed to be having lunch, then taking some treats home with them, and there were a few people who dropped in just to get the pastries. Kim got a tangelo chiffon cake to take home, and it was gorgeous, moist and bright with flavour.

Kim said she’ll take Adrian there, and I am most definitely going to bring James, and Cat/Scott if they swing around our area. I love how pared down Beatrix’s menu is, and how they are really conscientious about finding good quality produce. In the store they have a list of where they source their ingredients from – next time I will check where they got their ciabatta.

I want to try all of their sandwiches now, just so I can pick my favourite out of what will surely be an amazing line-up. If you are ever in that part of North Melbourne (or even if you’re not) I highly recommend dropping into Beatrix. It is just freaking sublime.

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