Don Woori

12 Aug

Don Woori
276 Victoria street, North Melbourne

Don Woori is at the end of our street, and almost every time we walked past it James would mention how he wanted to try it. So when we took his parents out for dinner we jumped at the opportunity to try it. Also I like the name cos in my head I always pronounce it like “don’t worry”.

Don Woori is one of about five Korean restaurants on this patch of Victoria street, and it always seems the most busy. Once we got inside though, we realised that it always seems packed because the place is tiny. There’s hardly any room to move, and the tables are also really small – our table was supposed to seat four, but it was a pretty tight squeeze.

We started off with a very sweet Korean wine. I think it was $18 but I can’t remember exactly. I don’t think James liked it that much, but I would order it again. I like sweet drinks!

The table was set up with a fire pit in the middle covered with a metal grate where the waiters BBQ your food for you. But that meant there wasn’t much table space, and we had to eat things in an awkward order to clear the table. Also every time a side dish arrived there was a mild panic about where to put it, and we would have to rearrange everything to fit it in.

This is our uncovered BBQ. The waiters would swap out the covers when the original one got too hot. I think the constant movement of hot metal in our cramped surroundings made Andrew and Liz very, very nervous.

From left to right: the banchan, boiled dumplings ($8), seafood pancake ($12), kim chi hot pot (included in the set meal). I loved the banchan, but although we were offered refills of it we decided against it because the table was so cramped. The dumplings and hot pot were a bit meh for me, but I’m not a fan of either in general.

Meat-wise we went with Option B for four people ($64). It consisted of top grade beef rib, top side beef, marinated beef flank, scotch fillet, a kim chi hot pot, and rice. It sounds substantial but was actually pretty small, and I reckon James and I could easily eat it between the two of us.

I loved the flavour of the meat, but there wasn’t very much of it.

Overall it was pretty disappointing, since a lot of people online seem to really like Don Woori. The food was competent enough, but the portions were pretty small and more importantly we were uncomfortable and cramped for the whole meal. It was also a really cold Melbourne night and we were right near the back door, so there was a constant blast of cold air from the waiters going in and out. In general I think there are too many good restaurants in Melbourne (and too many restaurants I haven’t tried!) to make it worth going back.

Sorry Don Woori. I really tried to like you. (Don Woori: don woori about it)

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