Microplane Grater (Or How I Tried To Shop Local And Failed)

2 Aug

To make zesting citrus easier I decided to buy a Microplane grater. I’ve been meaning to get one for awhile, and while my current grater is pretty terrible at the job, it hasn’t been terrible enough to really light a fire under me. But if I’m grating 17 lemons for my future limoncello I want to get the best tool for the job.

image from Amazon

Apparently Microplane is the holy grail of zesters. And luckily it’s prety cheap – after conversion it was $18.60 including shipping from the US.

Before I bought it, I figured I would see how much it cost locally. I was willing to pay up to $30 to avoid the hassle of having it shipped to me, so yesterday I walked down to the kitchen supply store to check. The bloody thing was $40! I don’t need it immediately, and for less than half the price, I don’t mind waiting a couple more weeks.

Sorry local economy. =(

(Also, a pre-emptive sorry because in the next day or so I’m probably buying a $2 – including shipping – kitchen timer from Hong Kong)

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