Run Melbourne 2011

19 Jul

On Sunday James did the 10k race at Run Melbourne. It was his first race so he was quite nervous.

We got there in the morning with plenty of time to spare. James was wearing all his favourite exercise gear, and also his trusty Vibram Bikilas (with the timing tag attached to them).

We met up with Chris before the race, though he was starting in a slightly later wave so they didn’t get to run off together. I lost James in the crowd at the start so I didn’t get any good photos of him there.

This was the course he ran:

image from Run Melbourne

See those hairpin sections between the 4km and 6km marker and also around the 7km marker? They look fairly wide apart on the map, but James said they were just going up and down different sides of the road, and he saw a couple of people cheat and just skip those sections, essentially turning it into an 8km race for themselves.

I imagine there were officials watching those sections for the elite runners, and they don’t really care about the casual runners, cos anyone who cheats is really just cheating themselves. Weird that anyone would do it though.

James said the most exciting part of the race was the start, where everyone was running together. Because it was his first race he chose a reasonably conservative wave to start in (runners with an estimated time of 50-55 minutes) so he lost a bit of time overtaking a bunch of slower runners at the start.

He said the worst parts were the bottleneck sections where only two people could run side by side, so he’d get stuck behind some slow couple. Those sections weren’t very long, but he said it was annoying when it happened.

He also got elbowed by some old guy. Then later the old guy overtook him, but couldn’t sustain the pace, so James re-overtook him and never saw him again.

This is James about 10 metres from the finish line.

And at the end of the race.

And his medal! =)

James was pleased because he beat his goal time. He wanted to run it in under 50 minutes since he didn’t have time to train properly for the event, though obviously he has good base fitness. Results came out today and it turned out he ran it in 48.08 minutes, so he actually smashed his goal (also wow … Dave Hughes ran it in under 40 minutes).

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical as to the benefits of doing Run Melbourne – I was all like “err, can’t you run for free?”, but the atmosphere was great. Everyone was really pumped, and also there were more compression tights than I’ve ever seen in my life.

We milled around for a bit afterwards, gathering free stuff (drinks, muesli  bars, Nando vouchers, rice cakes, etc) and trying to see if we could find Chris. But it was really busy at the finish line, so we went home and bought some ibuprofen in case James’ feet hurt tomorrow, and had burgers for lunch. =)

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