Moving The Chickens In!

8 Jul

James and I spent this afternoon helping Cat and Scott move into their new house.

It was extra challenging because my whole body was aching from my first proper BJJ session in over 3 months. But luckily James and Scott were able to do most of the heavy lifting, while Cat and I just kind of carried boxes.

We also went to pick up a chicken coop that Cat bought awhile ago. It came with two Isa Brown hens, Gertrude and Jermaine. James said I was like Rocky because one of the chickens escaped while I was holding her, and I had to chase her after she ran into some bushes.

I love the coop, it looks like an old fashioned barn.

We had the chickens inside the cat carrier while we set up the coop. But it was hard to get the coop through to the backyard, so Gertrude and Jermaine were cloistered together for awhile. Once we set up the run for them they were really happy, scratching around and pecking at the grass. =)

We were rewarded with some fish and chips for lunch and a Magnum for lunch-dessert.

It was a super late lunch (around 3 or 4pm) so none of us were hungry around dinnertime, but Cat and Scott promised to take us out at some point in the future. And Cat gave james a 6-pack of James Squire as well. =)

Gertrude and Jermaine will suffice for awhile, but Cat wants to get three baby chicks so she has some chickens that she can bond with. Cat, Scott and I are going to pick a chicken each, and we will compete to see who has the best chicken. We’re all going with different breeds:

Cat – Orphington (because they are supposed to be really friendly)
Me – Araucana (because they lay blue eggs)
Scott – Langshan (because he wants a black chicken)

The breeder said he should have some chicks in a couple of weeks, so I’ll update again when we go to pick them out!


2 Responses to “Moving The Chickens In!”

  1. Cat July 12, 2011 at 2:04 pm #

    It looks quite pretty in the backyard at the moment – probably will look less so as I get lazier and lazier about taking care of the chooks!

    • pamperedhousewife July 12, 2011 at 2:08 pm #

      Yeah, judging from the green waste bin it looks like they did one last garden before they handed the property over to you. Impressive!

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