Almost French

17 Jun

Almost French
138 Swan Street, Richmond

This was a tray of pastries on the counter of Almost French, a little bakery in Richmond. I was meeting some high school friends for a catch up over coffee and pastries (well I didn’t order coffee – I got an apple and feijoa juice because I’ve never tasted feijoa … if that juice is anything to go by it’s a little bit like passionfruit).

We got there an hour before closing and they were already stacking the chairs. I was a bit worried I misread the time, but I guess they were just being efficient? There was bread in the window but that was starting to get packed away too. Every so often someone would drop in to buy some of the remaining bread.

Luckily the pastries in the glass display were all intact. I was wavering between the fruit tartlet and the pear tart, but pretty much everything looked tasty.

I went with the pear tart ($4.50). It was faintly cinnamony, very moist and tasty, and a good size for an afternoon snack.

I have no complaints about Almost French, but also didn’t really find it anything special. I wouldn’t travel to get there, but it’s worth dropping in if you’re in the area.

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