My Search for a Gym Bag

15 Jun

A few days ago I decided to get a new bag to stuff my gi in and take to BJJ. I was originally going to go with the mini kitbag by Superdry, and I quite liked the black on black colourway. It was $81 USD at Cult (originally $90 but I had a 10% off coupon) plus $18 shipping.

image from Cult

I was on the verge of buying it – I created an account at Cult and everything. But then Sensible Kaye started whispering in my ear. “That bag isn’t very ergonomic” she said. “You need a backpack to distribute the weight evenly across your shoulders.”

The horror. I’m already Asian and petite – I don’t need to give people another reason to mistake me for younger than I am. And I’m sorry, but backpacks are daggy. The only bags lower on the totem pole are those stupid wheelie bags.

But then Tightarse Kaye started in. “You’ll have to buy daypack anyway when you and James go trekking in Peru” she said. (It’s 2-3 years away. Tightarse Kaye is really tight)

I briefly considered, then rejected the Superdry backpacks. I figured I might as well do it right and get a proper one. I did some research, and the Borealis daypack by The North Face is very popular – there were some other backpacks that were more popular, but they were too bulky, though I guess everything looks bulky when you stuff it full. The Borealis comes in some nondescript colours like dark blue and black, and also a fairly monstrous grass green.

image from The North Face

Backpack: You won’t like me when I’m angry.

(At least you would never lose your bag at the airport. Though, as Cat pointed out, you might lose it on a lawn)

I decided I would just get the Borealis in black, but I did a quick eBay search to see if there were any cool colours I was missing out on. And then finally I-Don’t-Want-To-Look-Shit Kaye came on board. “Holy crap” she said. “Special Edition Borealis backpacks!”

There’s one that has sushi zippers. A colour called Professor Plaid (which I loved, but no one was selling). One with pinstripes. Anyway, I ended up getting a colour called Shiny Black Houndstooth. There were some US stores that had it for much cheaper, but they wouldn’t ship to Australia. I could have used a forwarding service, but they didn’t take Australian credit cards either, and it would have gotten pretty expensive to use a buying and forwarding service. In the end I ended up buying it from a store called Vargo Outdoors, for $90.32 USD (originally $99 but Tightarse Kaye found an online coupon) plus $25 shipping.

I love the houndstooth with that gorgeous pop of orangey red. It’s boring enough that people won’t stare *cough*brightgreenbackpack*cough* but distinct enough that I won’t see anyone else with it.

image from Yahoo Taiwan auctions

When I was researching the backpack, I found reviews of different bags to be very helpful, so I’m going to pay it forward. I’ll post more detailed pictures and a quick review when the bag arrives (I’ve been tracking its progress online – it’s still bouncing around the US! Boo).


2 Responses to “My Search for a Gym Bag”

  1. xguard June 15, 2011 at 3:13 pm #

    wow I never thought reading about backpack could be this entertaining! Sensible Kaye vs Tiger Kaye, but duffel bags are cooler than backpack.

    • pamperedhousewife June 15, 2011 at 3:54 pm #

      Yeah duffel bags are cooler. =( But at least I won’t be lopsided anymore!

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