Lulu Loot!

11 Jun

So my Lululemon order arrived on Friday. I was impressed with the shipping – $30 isn’t even that expensive (especially if you buy a lot), and it arrived from the US within a week, so the shipping was well worth it.

The things I thought I would order that I did:

  • Cool Racerback ( in heathered coal wee stripe, which is kind of a light grey with subtle horizontal stripes)
  • Scuba hoodie

Waiting actually worked out quite well  because nothing I wanted sold out, and in the meantime Lululemon came out with a non-special edition (read: cheaper) Scuba that was in the colour I wanted without the stupid ruffles.

image from Lululemon

Unfortunately the sleeves are way too long – like 10 inches past my fingers long. Everything else fits perfectly, but the sleeves look ridiculous all bunched up. Thankfully my regular alterations lady can shorten the sleeves, but that is $28 I’m annoyed that I have to spend. When I pick it up next Friday it will be perfect! I love having a warm jacket that is fitted instead of bulky.

I didn’t end up getting the Energy bra because I don’t have any tops that will go with it. I got the Flow Y bra in Violicious instead. I would have bought this colour even at full price, but it was only $29 USD (down from $42 USD). I ordered the morning they came out, and by that evening they were down to only 2 sizes. I have the Flow Y in a size 4 and the 2 is a much better fit.

image from Lululemon

For my nogi pants I got some Groove Shorts. I have short legs so it fits slightly longer on me than it does the model. There were short shorts, 3/4 length crops and full length leggings, but I think a few inches above the knees is the best compromise between modesty and maximizing nogi slipperiness.

image from Lululemon

Also I grabbed some Run: Response shorts for James, since he needs an extra pair of shorts. He wore them to the gym last night and has no complaints.

image from Lululemon

I’ll probably make another order in a few months. James is not entirely uninterested in the Pacific Beach Hoodie, which seems to be the male version of the Scuba. He always has to size up in shirts and jackets (due to his long arms), so they’re always too large around the chest. He needs a warm, relatively fitted hoodie with long arms.

I kind of wish I’d bought some more full-length pants, since I’m heavily reliant on my Nike pants. Maybe some of the Wunder Unders, so I can slip trackies over them to wear to training. Also I forgot to order socks. Dammit. =(


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