Maya Tequila Bar and Grill

7 Jun

Maya Tequila Bar and Grill
74 Toorak road, South Yarra

Groupon sites are really good for trying out restaurants that I never would have considered. There have been stories about people with group deals getting treated really crappily by the restaurant, but thankfully all my experiences have been positive. In the case of Maya Tequila Bar and Grill, they even had a special Scoopon menu printed out!

If anyone is curious, the Scoopon deal was $45 for 2 people and you got:

  • 2 tapas items, 1 quesadilla, 1 sizzling fajita
  • either a margarita, Spanish wine, or tequila for 2
  • a bonus jug of sangria (since we went as a group of 4)

I make quesadillas (and burritos, which are similar) fairly often at home, so when we were looking at the menu James was like “you can have the quesadillas. I’ll have the sizzling fajitas”. On the way there though, he changed his mind, and offered to share the sizzling fajitas (though it wouldn’t have made a difference even if he hadn’t; everything was designed for sharing and the fajitas arrived only after we’d finished the quesadillas)

Cat and Scott were already waiting for us, and they had very nicely not eaten all of the complimentary chips and dip (we never would have known). In the background of the chip photo you can see the margaritas we all got.

We went on one of the last nights before the voucher expired so we were expecting the restaurant to be packed, but it was fairly empty. I guess Sunday night is not a big eating-out night? It worked out well for us though, since the restaurant was nice and quiet. I wish the lighting had been brighter for photos, but ah well.

We started off with the tapas – jalapeno poppers and beef and prawn tostadas.

The poppers were delicious and not too spicy. The tostadas were pretty much little soft-shelled tacos.

In the background of the tostada photo you can see our quesadillas. We had one beef and one chicken. The chicken quesadillas were everyone’s favourite.

I didn’t get a photo of the sangria, but it came around this time and was delicious. According to the Scoopon ad the Sangris is normally $60, which I think is a bit pricey.

And here are the sizzling fajitas! They were served with tortillas, and you could wrap them up with rice, sour cream, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. We got 2 each.

James didn’t want to leave without trying some of the tequila. This was listed on the menu as El Jimador ($8), and came with some sort of tomato shooter (kind of like a Bloody Mary) and an apricot nectar one. James preferred the tomato, and he said it was the nicest tequila he’s ever had (though he’s only ever had Jose Cuevo and that other brand where the lid is a sombrero). Overall he still prefers the sake from The Press Club.

Also there were some fancy tequilas that were $89 for a shot! He did not try any of those.

We weren’t completely full at the end of the meal so we ordered some churros. They were alright, nothing special. I think the Vic Market churros are tastier.

Overall I found the service to be excellent – very friendly yet unobtrusive. Food-wise, though everything was tasty and competently done, I thought it was fairly unremarkable. And the menu items start to seem fairly similar after awhile – a lot of tortilla variations. If we’d paid full price (which would have roughly been double, according to the Scoopon ad) I would have felt pretty ripped off.

If we go back it will probably be for the booze – the cocktail menu looked great, and I think James would like to explore more of the tequila menu.
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