The Jekyll and Hyde of James

4 Jun

Mean James

Yesterday when we were walking home from the gym, James and I were chatting. I thought we were in love, so we could chat about anything.

Me: You know how sometimes you’re resting between sets and no one is around, so you fart, and then you think “oh no, what if someone walks by” and then you sit there, petrified?
James: You don’t have normal people problems.


Nice James

He said this ages ago, but it’s one of my favourite compliments ever, and it always makes me grin when I think of it.

James: You make me as happy as barrel full of clams.
Me: …?
James: That’s very happy. Because clams are pretty much one big smile.

ETA: The waving clam was surprisingly difficult to draw. I had to re-do it lots because it kept looking like he was giving people the finger.


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