James’ Recipes

20 May

Behold! A bunch of snacks from Scott, who works as a graphic designer for a lolly company and thus has access to lots of free tastiness.

James was particularly a fan of the My Little Pony cookies, which he said tasted like Tiny Teddies.

One night he decoded to get creative with them. I guess they’re riding around on a mountain of soy ice cream. In James’ hand is a bottle of Baileys-like liqueur, ready to be poured over the top.

James has a history of being fairly inventive in the kitchen (haha that just reminded me – when we were still in high school, we decided to bake some gingerbread men at his house. I also made a gingerbread penis, and James was worried his parents would see it so he ate it).

But anyway, the worst thing by far that James ever made was a Gatorade smoothie. He made it with blue Gatorade powder. I didn’t even ask him to make it for me – he decided to make it as an awful, awful surprise. I couldn’t remember what was in it (though I do remember it was a weird pale blue/green colour):

James: Gatorade, bananas and yoghurt. And some blueberries.
Me: *look of disgust*
James: It was the Gatorade that ruined it. In hindsight. I don’t see how anyone could have predicted that.

Obviously the worst thing about that smoothie was the taste (kind of frothy, watery and blue). But the second worst thing was how, after awhile, it started to separate.

Poor Jamesy. He tries so hard to make interesting food, but sometimes it turns out scary.

2 Responses to “James’ Recipes”

  1. Cat May 20, 2011 at 5:27 pm #

    That reminds me – need to get more snacks from Scott!

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