3 May

At the home ideas expo there was a demonstration stand for a blender. Damo and Joan seemed inexplicably excited about it, and said that they had wanted one of them for awhile. I thought it was a bit strange since it was just a blender, but James and I humoured them and we watched the demonstration.

Oh. My. God.


This thing … it makes soup! You can put vegetables in whole and the Vitamix will puree everything. And if you blend it for long enough everything heats up and the blender makes soup! The guy blended it for a few minutes and the soup was so hot it burned my mouth.

You can also make ice creams and sorbets (I assume you don’t blend it as long and that’s why it doesn’t heat up. Or maybe it’s the addition of ice)

I did some research and the Vitamix is really popular with the raw food movement since it does minimal “cooking” of the vegetables so more nutrients are retained or something. You also don’t need to de-seed or de-stalk the vegetables so you get whatever good things are stored in there as well. But yeah, some of these people are really attached to their Vitamixes – they take the blenders on holiday with them!

image from Vitamix Australia

And you don’t need to remove the blades to clean it. All you need to do is put some detergent and soapy water in, then blend, rinse and dry. Cleaning blender blades is annoying, and the main reason I don’t use my blender more.

Joan snagged us some soup samples at the demonstration, but we didn’t get any of the smoothie and the sorbet he made (they were being hogged by some fat children). I want it just for the soup though – it didn’t taste like it was made in 5 minutes – it tasted like soups I’ve made where I’ve spent a couple of hours simmering everything and then chucked it in the blender to get that pureed consistency (which I don’t do a lot because of my blade-cleaning aversion).

He made a Thai curry soup, and instead of thickening it with coconut cream he chucked some cashews in. Mind. Boggled. Healthy, delicious and dead easy – the holy grail of cooking.

But yeah, the Vitamix is $895 which is pretty expensive for a blender (though it does come with a 7 year warranty). And given that we’ve spent something like $4000 in 3 weeks I felt like it was pushing it a bit to buy one. I was looking up demonstration videos on the website and James was laughing at me. He was like “are you working yourself into a frenzy of blender want?” (maybe)

But yeah, I’ll hold off on it for awhile and see if I still want it in a few months. It’s not like a really need a time saving device, and it could be that I have been temporarily driven insane by my lack of exercise. Seriously … if you charted my eBay binges you’d see that they always coincide with when I get injured. When I’m training 1-2x a day I’m just less interested in shopping. But the doctor has said that I’ll be OK to do upper body weights in 6 weeks (and probably BJJ drills even earlier than that), so yay. He also said that I’m an ideal candidate for the cortisone injection, and that as long as I do my rehab exercises everything should go fine.

Which is good because my teeny tiny wardrobe is overflowing with my eBay purchases and I’m running out of hangers. Cat and I are also going to have a stall at the Take 2 Markets in Hawthorn on June 26 to get rid of some of our old clothes. Maybe if I make enough money I can justify buying the Vitamix …


3 Responses to “Vitamix”

  1. sue101886 September 10, 2012 at 12:20 pm #

    Vitamix has changed my life. Seriously. I use it for everything! Making breakfast (smoothie), lunch (soup), desserts (sorbets), almond milk, cashew butter, etc!. I have the dry container too so use it to grind coffee and make flour. Awesomeness. I got mine on QVC it was way cheaper. Same motor, but smaller container. The warranty is 7 years rather than the standard 10, I believe. But you can purchase extra years of warranty as an option.. I eventually got the larger container, but don’t use it at all (we’re only 2 in our household, so it’s too big).

    • pamperedhousewife September 10, 2012 at 6:15 pm #

      I’ve noticed that the people who own the Vitamix seem to really, really love it. I’d love to be able to whip up a fast, healthy batch of soup. =D I’ve heard that Costco have a really good version so I might check that out.


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    […] might recall that I wanted one of these back in Australia. At the time they were charging $895 for the 5200 model but here in the US it’s $529 (plus […]

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