Our New Dishwasher!

18 Apr

This is the Miele G 1023 dishwasher that we bought Sunday afternoon. We originally wanted to go with E&S Trading because they had a sweet delivery and installation deal, but it turns out that Miele handle deliveries and installation themselves ($130 plus $30 for the removal of the old dishwasher), so we went to Myer instead. At least that way we get the Myer One points and can use my $250 gift card.

The Myer salesman said that technically they’re not supposed to accept gift cards for Miele, but he found a way around it. Yay Myer guy! He said hopefully it will be delivered on Wednesday, but he’ll call us if that changes.

I’ve been skipping around the apartment in dishwashery delight. Even the crappy Whirlpool (which I had to start 5 times before the motor started working properly – an improvement over the 20+ times it took the load before that) couldn’t spoil my mood.

We bought the basic model, because the one with the cutlery tray (and an extra half star for water and energy) was $1000 extra and I didn’t want them that much. This dishwasher is $1199, and I have high hopes for it. I love my Miele washing machine, James liked the Miele coffee machine at the Malvern house, and I really, really love the Miele dishwasher at the Shoreham house. It’s so quiet and efficient! You can’t tell it’s on unless you’re right next to it, and even then you need to listen really really hard.

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