I lololove Lululemon

6 Apr

On Monday went to the physio and he ordered a week of complete rest for my arm. I’m not even allowed to do back squats! Of all the exercises I normally do I’m restricted to glute-ham raises and pistol squats. My shoulder is actually worse than it was a few weeks ago, and Tim thinks it’s because he let me do too much too soon. So I have been demoted! No rehab exercises, nothing that even threatens to exert the arm. I’m like … one step above complete bed rest.

To cheer myself up I decided to go shopping at Lululemon since James’ parents bought me a voucher for my birthday. Most of my favourite workout clothes are from Lululemon (except a pair of Metalicus Move shorts). And when I see someone wearing stuff I like at the gym it’s usually Lululemon. Even after a year of washing they still look new.

Run Inspire Crop: $119

These are supposed to be a crop but they are full length on me – curse these stubby Chinese legs.

I love how they look – normally leggings just make me look I have big legs, but this material is really form-fitting so it actually clings to the muscle and is more flattering. Though I looked up reviews online and apparently the butt gets kind of see-through when you bend over, which means I’m not wearing these to do deadlifts. Maybe squats are OK though, since my butt points down?

image from Lululemon

Boogie Shorts: $58

I tried on the black in these, but ended up going for a colour called Coal. I have some similar Lululemon shorts that I picked up on eBay but they’re black with this horrible green stripe going down the leg. I really like the cut so I put up with the green stripe, but now I no longer have to!

image from Lululemon

I’ve stashed these away until next week when I’m allowed to exercise again (fingers crossed!) I’m not going to cheat and exercise this week because Tim said that if my arm hasn’t improved with rest, then the next step is cortisone injections. I think it has been improving though – as much as I hate to admit it, my arm does get sorer the more exercise I do with it. Hopefully this rest will do it good. =)


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