James’ Spider Terror

4 Apr

A couple of weeks ago James called me in a panic because there was a giant, furry spider in his hotel room, as big as his palm. He sent me a picture.

James is normally happy to live and let live with spiders, but he was a little freaked at the thought of this one roaming around his hotel room.

I feel bad about killing spiders, so I told him to put a glass over it, then slip a piece of paper under the glass, and throw it off the balcony. He thought that was a very clever idea, and hung up the phone to try it out.

A few minutes later he called back.

James: Well I found a glass and a magazine to trap the spider with
Me: OK cool, so you rescued it?
James: No. When it saw me coming it started to run away. So I panicked and hit it with the magazine.

Oh well. I suppose he tried.

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