Cheat Week

24 Mar

For my birthday week I decided to take a cheat week where I could eat anything I wanted.

Saturday – Rose Garden fried chicken
Sunday –
Peking duck!
Monday –
kebab for lunch with Cat, plus my free birthday Boost Juice! Then Rose Garden salty fish fried rice for dinner (and as a bonus, Rose Garden girl commenting on how toned my arms were)
Tuesday –
a roast chicken, avocado and coriander mayo sandwich at Sparrow’s Nest with Cat and Ivo, and a large Mexicana pizza for dinner with Ormi
Wednesday –
2 garlic naans from Classic Curry Restaurant (holy crap these are delicious. Also when I was done, I may or may not have licked the paper bag they came in)
Thursday – almond croissants for breakfast

As delicious as it has all been, I feel pretty sluggish now. I think I’ve had maybe 2 serves of vegetables all week, and it’s definitely affected my energy levels. I will miss pigging out, but I’m looking forward to feeling spry again.

If your birthday is coming up, you should register with Boost Juice. Then you show up with your Vibe card and photo ID on your birthday, and you get a free drink. I ordered a Raspberry Ripe, fully expecting to be given a kid-sized serve, but they gave me a giant cup! Awesome.

I used to get $10 gift vouchers from Myer on my birthday because I’m a Myer One member, but that seems to have stopped.

James and I are going to Living Edge this weekend so we can shop for my chair. We’re also going for a special birthday meal (and after that I’ll start eating normally again). Next weekend we’re heading to Shoreham to visit James’ parents (and go to the Red Hill Market) so that will be fun. =)

Also I was trying to decide on chicken names:

James: You should call it Henry
Me: (derisively) It’s a girl chicken James. Henry is a boy’s name.
James: (even more derisively) I know. First name Hen, second name Ry!

Whatever. Hen Ry is a stupid name.


2 Responses to “Cheat Week”

  1. Joan Ko March 24, 2011 at 8:05 pm #

    Henry (Henri) could be short for Henrietta.

    • pamperedhousewife March 24, 2011 at 9:11 pm #

      That is true. I was actually thinking that before James said the Hen Ry thing!

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