Camberwell Market Disappointment

16 Mar

I used to love going to the Camberwell Market. Cat and I would get up early, drive to Camberwell, buy a crapload of stuff, and go home to gloat about our purchases. Selling clothes on eBay made me a fairly substantial (for a teenager) amount of money.

This is one of my favourite purchases. This is an old photo of our apartment (the ottomans are in a different formation, we have a lamp, a rug, and the table has been replaced by a kitchen island), but check out the chair at the bottom right. I love this chair. It is sculptural and awesome, and looks like the sort of thing you’d buy at Space Furniture.

James hates that chair. He is tempted by the idea of a bigger apartment so he will have somewhere to stash the chair. But whatever, I think it was one of the best things I ever bought at the market. =)

So when James and I went last week I was really excited. But OMG it was such a dud.

The market has changed – there are a lot more professional stores (largely split between overpriced vintage clothes, and stupid collectibles like old plates and china figurines). Also eBay is a lot more popular now, so everyone knows to sell their really good stuff there.There were a few stalls with clothes that caught my eye, but they were too big. =( It was a very disheartening experience.

Best Market Ever

About 10 years ago, James made me my own “Malvern Camberwell Market” because I was sad that the regular market cancelled due to Christmas holidays. He wanted it to be authentic, so I still had to wake up at 8am.

It was so very cute though! Outside his room he had a little soft toy with a sign saying “Rotary Club Camberwell Market” or something similar, and there was a picture of a club (like the weapon) and he’d drawn arrows to show that it was “rotating”.

So I had to pay my $1 to get into the market and inside he had all his old soft toys manning their various stalls. There was a tiger selling computer games, a duck selling soap (which he’d filched from the bathroom), a snake selling books and an imitation pooh bear selling clothes (MY clothes, I might add). And under the pile of clothes there was a pair of jeans that he had bought for me, cos he’d seen me lusting after them. =)

He also had Ozy giving out Thai massages, $10 for 10 minutes, just like at the market. (Ozy = Siamese Cat = Thai massage) James very kindly paid Ozy the $10 in cat food. The “massage” was actually just me patting Ozy – James said that Thai massage = you get to massage a Thai.

Then afterwards he made me my favourite snack (english muffins with salami and cheese). It was an awesome, awesome market.

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