Red Emperor

12 Mar

Red Emperor
2 Southgate Avenue, Southbank

For dad’s birthday in February, Cat and I took him out for some yum cha at Red Emperor in Southbank.

The food is good but pricey, and it’s totally a white place to eat because of it. The tables are really nicely spaced out, and the waiters are super attentive. White people will pay extra for service and ambiance. Chinese people go to restaurants where the food is good but the waiters are mean and like, throw stuff at you.

Dad seemed pleased at how many white people were enjoying yum cha though. He was saying that when he first came to Australia it was unheard of for white people to celebrate Chinese culture – and he said now they’ll do Chinese New Year and stuff like that.

But anyway, to the food! I can’t remember what everything was – it was all standard yum cha stuff.

Various dumplings:


The service was scarily attentive – we would take a sip of tea and then they’d fill the cup. Bamboo steamers were whisked away as soon as we’d emptied them.

Oh yeah, during lunch dad was talking about the various wildlife he caught and ate in China (“I never ate tiger, but I heard it was delicious”). He said they ate a lot of birds. He kept pointing to birds from outside the window and going “if we were in China I would eat that one”.

Anyway, for dessert: custard donuts, teeny tiny egg tarts (about half the size of regular ones), and some sort of tofu-y honey thing.

It was more expensive than normal yum cha and came to just under $100 for the three of us (for me yum cha normally runs $30 a head), which makes the $42 a head they charge for AYCE yum cha not a terrible idea if you’re a big eater. But it was a nice, surprisingly elegant meal, and the important thing is that dad enjoyed himself (especially while eying various birds through the window).


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