Cat Themed Adventures

11 Mar

I have created a cat monster. When Mouse was young he loved playing fetch with crumpled up bits of paper. And he would wait around desperately at my feet until I threw it for him. I can’t remember how it came about, but for some reason he would slap James’ feet to try and get me to throw the paper for him. I thought it was funny to give him positive reinforcement for slapping James so I would only throw the paper after he slapped James around a bit. Mouse seems dumb but he caught on surprisingly quickly.

Unfortunately for me, Mouse was able to extrapolate that lesson into “slaps get you what you want”. If he wants to get in my lap and pillow in the way, he will slap me until I move pillow aside. If he wants to get under the sheets at night he will slap my head until I lift up the blanket and let him burrow in. (As an aside, “Mouse prefers your belly because it is nice and soft” is not the compliment that James seems to think it is.)

When James came back from a week in Sydney, Mouse had totally forgotten him. Like, it took a day or two before he’d let James pat him or pick him up. Now that James is gone Monday morning to late Wednesday evening Mouse seems to recognise him.

Oh! I just remembered the cutest thing! James had this iPhone game which was like a sim where you were a computer game company and had to develop different games. And as part of it you got to name the games, and James decided to name them after me, Mouse and Kyoto. A sampling of the names:

  • Kyotoquest (RPG)
  • War on Kplanet (Action)
  • Pirate Kitty (Action)
  • Fur Puzzle (Puzzle)
  • Putt Putt Purr (Golf)

I love Putt Putt Purr. It’s such a perfect name for a cat-themed golf game, but James always gets embarrassed when I laugh at it. Also it’s really fun to say. Putt Putt Purr.


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