4 Mar

Embarrassing confession time! I really love my pillow. It’s a childhood thing that I never really grew out of. If I’m at my computer, reading a book, or watching TV, I’m holding pillow. The people who know about my pillow love: James, Cat, my parents, and my cousins.

I take pillow with me everywhere. I refer to him as pillow. Even James refers to him as pillow. Other pillows are “the pillow” or “your pillow” but pillow is always just pillow. Also pillow is one of those words where if you write it out a lot, it looks wrong.

I had my childhood pillow for an embarrassingly long time – 20+ years, so he was probably more dust mite than pillow. =(

Also to confirm, I do wash my pillow cases. I’m not a grot! It’s just as soon as I put a new pillow case on, I work on making it smell familiar – acceptable scents: my shampoo, my scented moisturiser, my perfume.

James: On How I Met Your Mother Lily had a body pillow.
Kaye: It’s not a body pillow!
James: It is when you’re small.

I remember I left pillow at Shoreham once and was freaking out. Not only cos I didn’t have pillow, but once I got it back it would have lost its pillow smell. I had another pillow at home, but that’s my sleeping pillow, and it’s a Dunlopillo so it smells a bit rubbery.

And James said the most wonderful thing. He was like “why don’t you put a pillow cover on a cushion, and work on getting it to smell right, then when you get pillow back you can put the case straight on”.

Perfect. What a clever, wonderful man!

Of course, I looked even stupider than normal. At least pillow fully fills out the case – a cushion is half the size of a pillow so for a week I was dragging around what looked like a hobo’s sack of crap.

To this day I’m all starry-eyed at how well James knows me to have suggested such a perfect solution. How he stayed calm in the face of disaster. My hero!

But anyway, a few days ago I got trigger point massage for my neck (OMG such a lifesaver. I went to feeling at 40% to about 90%). Matt the massage therapist asked me about my pillow. And I got really excited, like Tobias finding another nevernude, and started babbling about how soft and huggable pillow was, and how I would hug it to watch TV or browse the net, and then it registered and I was like “oh. You meant the pillow I sleep on, don’t you?”

And Matt sounded a bit frightened when he said “yes …”

When I told James he laughed until he cried.


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