Settebello Pt 2: The Lunchening

25 Feb

46-50 hardware lane, Melbourne

A few weeks ago James and I had a serviceable but not distinctive breakfast at Settebello. Last week Cat and I took Ivo so we could use up some more of our vouchers – 2 $30 vouchers for 3 people, which actually ended up being a bit of overkill.

Most people seemed to go for the pizzas, which is what I decided to do, especially since Cat highly recommended the smoked ham, gorgonzola and spinach pizza ($8.90). To be honest I found this one a bit bland – I couldn’t taste the gorgonzola, which was where the flavour should have come from since ham and spinach are fairly bland. The base was much better than the breakfast pizza though – light and thin crust, just how I like it.

The prosciutto and chilli pizza ($8.90) was much better. Just the right amount of chilli, and the prosciutto was much stronger tasting than the stupid ham. I wish I’d ordered two of these!

To use up the voucher I also ordered some macarons for us to share ($2.50 each) though nobody else wanted any so I ended up with them all. From the left: chocolate cherry, watermelon, raspberry and white chocolate, and salted caramel x 2. The best one was the chocolate cherry.

Cat had a pizza with salad and diet coke, and Ivo had a pizza and a tart. I was quite clearly the piggish one with my 2 pizzas and giant stash of macarons.

It was nice catching up with Ivo and Cat – we all agreed that we should do this more often now that Ivo works in the city. Cat and I both have a list of lunch places we want to check out.

I have one more voucher to use up for Settebello – I will have to take James there again, because I bet he’d really enjoy the chilli pizzas.
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