Sriracha Quesadilla: Bigger and Better!

23 Feb

Do you remember the sriracha quesadillas from ages ago? Well I certainly do, because I’ve been eating them several times a week (which probably explains the extra couple of kilos that have crept up on me). Anyway, believe it or not, I’ve found a way to make them better.

I cook everything exactly as before, but omit the butter at the start, and add a (pre-cooked) chicken breast to make it more filling. Which is good, because James had begun to request 3 quesadillas instead of 2. 2 chickenless quesadillas are just shy of filling – 2 chickenful quesadillas on the other hand, are just right.

Today I had some leftover broccoli with it to make me feel less guilty about the paltry vegetable content. I am so, so full.

Also I need James to come home. There’s much less motivation to eat healthy when there’s only me to feed.


Very Rough Nutritional Guide:
2 quesadillas: 850 calories, 40% fat, 39% protein, 21% carbs

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