21 Feb

46-50 hardware lane, Melbourne

Late last year I bought some Zoupon (at least I think it was Zoupon) vouchers for a cafe called Settebello. I paid $11 for a $30 voucher, which was a pretty good deal so I ended up buying a few.

The vouchers expire in early March, so I’ve been frantically trying to use them up, and a couple of Saturdays ago James and I had breakfast there.

I ordered a glass of orange juice and a breakfast pizza. The pizza base was quite tough and thick, and the bacon wasn’t as flavorsome as the bacon I normally buy. Still, pizza is still alright even when it’s not great. I might have a go at making a breakfast pizza at some point.

James ordered some sort of eggy salsa-y thing and a long black coffee. Sorry, I’m not good at remembering stuff, and there aren’t any prices or menus on the Settebello website. He seemed to like his breakfast alright, though he wasn’t wowed. He said the coffee was decent, but his gold standard is still Seven Seeds.

Look at him sitting so patiently while I take a photo of his food. =)

To use up the voucher I also  ordered a custard tart with some nutella swirled in. Delicious! Best part of the breakfast!

The meal came to a couple of bucks over $30. It was incredible value for the actual $13 that we paid, but in terms of the actual food it’s not as good as G&O or Fandango (though admittedly we are spoiled when it comes to our local breakfast places).

I went there a week later for lunch with Ivo and Cat, and I think their lunch offerings are far stronger.


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