Things I’m Currently Coveting

15 Feb

I still want the slow cooker, the Aeron chair, and also that apartment (kind of maybe. The agent keeps forgetting to send the section 32, and I don’t want the apartment badly enough to go chasing him to do his job. If we can snatch it up for under market value we might still go for it, we’ll see).

The newest thing on my list is the handheld Dyson Motorhead. I just cashed in some credit card points to get a $250 Myer voucher and am thinking of picking this up so I can do some quick vacuuming when I can’t be bothered lugging out the big Dyson. The low battery life isn’t ideal (6-10 minutes with a 3 hour charge) but I think I could live with that.

image from Myer

Powerbuys has the Dyson and the slow cooker cheaper than Myer ($274 vs $329 for the Dyson, and $167 vs $200 for the slow cooker) with $10 flat shipping. The savings are pretty substantial, but I might keep waiting for a sale at Myer so I can use the vouchers. Myer currently have a 20% off sale on some Breville appliances, just not the one i’m after.

I’m also coveting a new neck. This one keeps getting injured. ><


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