Home Alone!

10 Feb

This is the first of three weeks (possibly more!) that James will be at Sydney. He’ll be back Friday evening and weekends, but I’m on my own during the week.

I’ll also be able to get some vacuuming done this week – I like to avoid it when James is around because he doesn’t like how loud it is. But when he works from home, he’s always around! Sometimes I can sneak in a quick vacuum when he’s at climbing, but I’m usually busy in the evenings, so our place hasn’t been vacuumed in 2 or 3 weeks. Which doesn’t sound like that long, but it is when you have 2 cats, both of whom are shedding like motherfuckers. I used the cat-brush on Kyoto and pulled off enough hair to make a whole separate Kyoto.

It’s strange not having James here, but I’ve been keeping busy. *looks brave* He’s called every night and we’ve been emailing and IMing each other so it hasn’t been too bad. When he gets home I’m going to make him all his favourite foods. =)

Also I was remembering ages ago, where I used the word “indulge” in a sentence and thought he looked a bit confused.

Me: You know what indulge means, right?
James: (indignant) Yes I know what it means!
Me: …?
James: It means to give someone cake!


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