More Real Estate Musings

9 Feb

I just spoke with the agent of the West Melbourne apartment. He remembered me from another apartment that James and I had looked at, in North Melbourne.

This place was seriously gorgeous, and I’m kind of kicking myself for not getting it. It was obviously taken really great care of, and the quality of everything was amazing – the bathroom taps, the toilet, the kitchen … you could tell that the owner had obviously loved the place. The problem was that it only had one bedroom, and we would prefer a study to have our computers in. It didn’t seem like enough of an upgrade to make it worth the agent fees, stamp duty, and the overall hassle of moving.

But I found out from the agent that it only sold for 550k! Which is not much more than our place is worth. And look at this balcony!

Here you can see the other half of the balcony and part of the living room. Awnings? Heaven!

This was the entrance. It’s so nice and clean, but I remember thinking that my computer desk wouldn’t be nearly this clean, so the first thing people would see when they came in would be my table with crap strewn all over it. James’ desk is neat, but sometimes I suspect that he just nudges some of his stuff onto my side.

Gorgeous bathroom. I love toilets that are retracted into the wall. Less cleaning to do! There was a shower to the right. I’m not crazy about spas – I’d prefer a bathtab. And if I recall correctly the shower had a one-way window, so you could see into the hall but the people in the hall couldn’t see you. At least I hope that’s how it worked.

The bedroom. I loved the window seat, and James likes the idea of a bedroom big enough for side tables. Also there isn’t a photo of this, but the hall leading to the bedroom was basically ALL wardrobe. There was so much storage in this place, it was incredible.

I loved the kitchen too. I remember when James saw it he was like “This is the sort of kitchen I want.” Everything was just so beautiful and low-maintenance. The maintenance is actually my worry about the West Melbourne house – it’s much more striking than this place, but it looks like a lot of effort to maintain.

If only there had been an extra bedroom! I guess nowadays it would be less of a hassle since James and I are both using laptops. We could have just migrated our stuff to the living room.

Also it wasn’t just the bedroom – when we got the Section 32 there had been complaints from the tenants in the building (including the people in this apartment) about noise from the cafe below. They’d gotten sound engineers in and everything. Also we were worried about the garage – the cars were actually stacked on top of each other via some sort of lift, so we were worried that if it broke we wouldn’t be able to get to our car.

So close to perfect.

Honestly I think if they offered this place today at around $600k I’d take it in a heartbeat.


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