Grigons & Orr

8 Feb

Grigons & Orr
445 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne

On Saturday we went to Grigons & Orr with Howie and Silvia. James and I have been meaning to try it for some time, but we always end up choosing Fandango instead. This time we put our name on the waiting list for Grigons & Orr, and hung around awkwardly until a table was ready.

I was really impressed with the waitress, who was friendly and efficient even when they were getting slammed.

Everyone ordered coffees and I got this hot chocolate ($3.50).

also a strawberry, basil and cloudy apple drink which was nice, but totally not worth the $6.

For breakfast James ordered poached free range eggs on toast ($8) with bacon ($4.50) and mushrooms ($3.50). He said that the bread was incredible, but that overall he prefers Fandango because they have pesto eggs. In all fairness Grigons & Orr also had pesto eggs but had sold out.

I ordered apple fritters with hazelnuts, caramel sauce and mascarpone, all dusted with minted sugar ($10.50). I wasn’t a huge fan of the mascarpone, but the apple fritters were delicious swirled in the caramel sauce, and the hazelnuts had this yummy toasted nutty flavour going on. It was a pretty big serve too, and compared to $3.50 for mushrooms *cough* I thought it was excellent value.

Howie ordered the ricotta pancakes with brandied raspberries, toasted almond flakes and barbados cream ($13). I’d lusted over it on the menu but in the end was glad I went with the fritters. I can make pancakes at home, but I can’t make fritters. The menu said blueberries, but those are totally raspberries.

Silvia ordered the prosciutto eggs, with prosciutto, roast capsicum, tomato and spinach on corn bread ($13.50) with a hash brown side ($3.50). She was a bit disappointed with the hash brown, because she was hoping for a McDonalds style hash brown and thought this one was a bit sweet.

Though I would definitely return to Grigons & Orr, I think overall I prefer Fandango. Grigons & Orr has a much quirkier menu that changes with the seasons, and I think I’d be tempted to try more things on that list than I would Fandango’s menu. But Fandango does the classics really well. And like James, I don’t think I can pass up the pesto eggs.

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