First Proper BJJ Roll 2011

24 Jan

I had my first proper roll today, with some Asian yellow belt guy that I vaguely recognise but whose name I don’t know.

Josh said that I did well because I was dominating positionally, but I was disappointed because AYBG got me in the end. It was partially my fault because I’d gotten cocky due to my side-back-side-back-frontmount-side-back dance, and left my arm in the air, but as soon as AYBG got a hold of my arm he wrenched it as hard as he could. The armbar wasn’t properly on, but he was humping it so enthusiastically that I was scared that if he actually hit the right spot I wouldn’t get the chance to tap. And then he was so busy attacking my arm that he kept going when I tapped, and I had to smack him pretty hard to get him to stop.

But it was my crappy defense that allowed him to get my arm in the first place, so I’m pretty cut about that. And he was alright for most of the fight – it was just when he yanked my arm back so hard I almost had a heart attack.

In more positive news, Rob says I am doing well with my open guard. He also mentioned something about my de la riva guard, and I had to confess I didn’t actually know what it was. And then he showed me, and I remembered pulling it last week because I’d seen other people do it, but once I got there I thought “I have no idea what to do from here” and went back to regular open guard.

He said I have to learn to make my weakness (being small and light) into my strength. Which is actually quite unintuitive for me – compared to my female non-BJJ friends I’m actually average in size, but above average in strength. Since I’ve gotten used to thinking of myself as “regular sized and strong”, I automatically try to use my strength against people. OK that looks stupid just typing it out, but it’s honestly the way my thought process goes.

To some extent I think James has indulged my posturing because he finds it endearing. Like in cartoons, where there’s a baby tiger or something, and it puffs up its chest, and then it falls over cos it’s a spaz. But then the adult tiger is all like “nah man, you totally chased away that fawn”.

To break up this wall of text, here is a picture I took of a seagull being a spaz, much like baby tiger, a.k.a. (apparently) Kaye.

So anyway, Rob said I should stop attacking from underneath, and focus on sweeps (which I cringed at, because I have like … one sweep). Then once I’m on top I can start attacking. I need to be faster and more mobile, and stop trying to out-strength people, because it’s a game that I will never be able to win, not even against AYBG. ><

Also, incidentally, it sucks when I get beaten by someone I know isn’t as good as me. Because there aren’t many people crapper than I am, and the “I’m regular-sized and strong” part of my brain feels that I should always be able to beat people who are worse than me. Or at least not lose to them. =(

So yes, new BJJ resolution courtesy of Rob – stop trying to meet strength with strength, and instead be quicker, more fluid, and harder to pin down.



6 Responses to “First Proper BJJ Roll 2011”

  1. Kalo January 25, 2011 at 9:47 am #

    rob is correct… you alrady have a good open guard so make it better, go youtube – guillerme mendes, cobrinha, michael langhi & megumi fujii and watch how they get on top, and how they stay active underneath

    when are you in again? i will teach you the two strongest delariva sweeps for little people

    you need to level up kaye, i hoenstly think your poetntial is far above what you have achieved so far, a little focus and training the correct techniques will make you an exceptional fighter

  2. Kalo January 25, 2011 at 10:08 am #

    ^^ watch this, notice how underneath they are constantly working to keep their opponents weight off them and they are always heading to the back or to get on top

    ^^ watch how langhji moves his hips to completely prevent all passes

  3. xguard January 25, 2011 at 12:00 pm #

    I love it when Kalo is talking about jiujitsu and not SC2. That’s a win for all the readers

    • pamperedhousewife January 26, 2011 at 10:57 am #

      When Diablo 3 comes out Kalo will play Starcraft 2 in protest.

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