Penguins (Again)

14 Jan

James has this neat little trick where he can talk quite lucidly in his sleep and doesn’t remember it the next morning.

One time he’d been asleep for awhile, and then he sat bolt upright in bed and said “Oh yeah???” in this really loud, confrontational tone. I was quite curious about that one, but he didn’t remember it ever happening, let alone the thing that triggered it.

Impressively, he can also do multiplication in his sleep – I remember one time I was asking him to do maths problems (easy questions, cos they had to be ones that I knew the answer to), and he was getting them all right – and sometimes faster than me, the awake one.

Anyway, one time I was a asthmatic and wheezing a little. Having recently seen Toy Story 2, I was talking about the penguin in it, Wheezy.

Me: *wheezes* See? I can’t really breathe properly.
James: *mumbles sleepily*
Me: *wheezes again* I’m like that penguin in Toy Story.
James: *suddenly awake* Are you OK??
Me: Huh?
James: (already falling asleep again) It was a dream.
Me: What did you dream?
James: (sleepily) I dreamed you were covered in penguins.

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