Milli Lulo

10 Jan

Milli Lulo 679 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn

On Saturday went to meet Cat at her place in Hawthorn. After I got off the train I went to take a tram up Glenferrie road. It was insanely hot, so when I saw that the tram wasn’t arriving for another 12 minutes I decided to take shelter in a nearby store, maybe pretend to browse a bit.

Unfortunately for me I loved half the stuff in the store, and ended up buying these:

image from Milli Lulo

image from Milli Lulo

image from Milli Lulo

I didn’t actually get this top in the pink, I bought it in the mocha (kind of a brownish colour). And they were out of my size so getting Cat to pick it up for me next week.

These are all made of a super soft jersey-like material. I also picked up a cute little sundress that I couldn’t find pictured on their website.

They’re pretty basic, but I like the style, and everything was really well-priced ($29.95 for the tops, $15 for the singlet, $39.95 for the dress). I’ve been running out of tops to wear, so hopefully this sets me up for the rest of Summer.


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