Better Eating Starts Today!

4 Jan

I think I’ve gained about 2kg over the Christmas season. The combination of Christmas feasts, friends visiting from overseas, weddings, and a general perception that December is a cheat month means that my diet has been pretty bad. And since the gym and Ground Zero have been closed over the Christmas break, I haven’t really done any exercise to counter the excess calories.

I still have a lot of dining out to come – yum cha later this week, a housewarming, and a few more weddings – but I think I’ve slacked off enough when it comes to my day to day diet.

This is an example of the lunches we were having in December. Not terrible, but definitely heading towards cheat meal territory.

Every time I eat the first mouthful of The Barefoot Contessa’s curried couscous, I am reminded of how tasty it is, and inhale the rest.

The meals tentatively planned for this week are:

  • Tuesday – salmon with choy sum
  • Wednesday – Indonesian ginger chicken with green beans and/or broccoli, depending on what looks good at the market
  • Thursday – leftover Indonesian chicken
  • Friday – prawns and salad
  • Saturday – rib eye, capsicum and salad

I just came back from my first BJJ class of the year. I’m off to a rather inauspicious start because I pulled something in my back/neck like .. 20 minutes in. Boo! I’m icing it right now but I might have to skip a few of my planned workouts. Fingers crossed for gym tonight, but it’s not looking good. =(


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