Christmas Dinner at Shoreham

28 Dec

After our marathon Christmas Eve session we had dinner on Christmas Day with James’ side of the family. Most of Christmas Day was spent napping in recovery from Christmas Eve!

This is the beautifully-set table at Shoreham. You can’t tell from the photo, but the green leaves on the tablecloth match the green seats on the chairs. On the plates is the entree that James’ grandmother made; a terrine of smoked salmon and avocado.

Some champagne to go with the entree. I swear, I drank more this weekend than I have the entire year!

The main event: turkey covered in bacon.

A meaty side: itty bitty sausages and ham with a sort of spicy crust.

This was my plate of turkey, bacon, green beans, potatoes, pumpkin, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy and bread pudding.

And finally, dessert! It was homemade Christmas pudding served with brandy butter. We doused it with brandy and set it on fire.

James and I ate very well this Christmas! In a fit of food-induced guilt I went jogging on the beach with James on Boxing Day. My cardio is good from BJJ, but since I haven’t run in about 6 months (since the last time we jogged at Shoreham) my knees were killing me the next day. The actual muscles of my legs are fine though – at the end of the run I decided to sprint for fun, all that power work and all that squatting has totally paid off, because my legs were propelling me along so fast that I felt like I was flying through the air.

We spent another couple of days vegging out at Shoreham, and just got back to Melbourne yesterday. Everything is pretty much shut, but luckily I we have enough supplies to last us until the Vic Market re-opens.


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