Christmas Eve Dinner

27 Dec

My family normally go out to dinner for Christmas Eve, but this year we decided to try and cook a Christmas feast. This was what we ended up with:

Starting from the bottom left and spiralling in:

  • smoked chicken pasta salad
  • potato salad
  • green beans and mushrooms
  • vegetable platter
  • smoked salmon
  • prawns
  • oysters
  • cold cuts platter
  • roast vegetables

The table fit everything except the turkey, which was unsurprising, given that it was a 6.2kg monster. Since Cat was the primary turkey cook, she did the carving. The turkey looked a little dishevelled since we overstuffed it slightly, but was delicious and moist.

The cold cuts platter consisted of olives, mild casalingo, sundried tomatoes, champagne ham, proscuitto and cheese. The girl at the deli said that last Christmas Eve they ran out of proscuitto at 7:30am. Good thing we got up early to go to the market.

The proscuitto was a surprise hit with the adults. Chinese like proscuitto – who knew? Cat told Klene to buy some cheese for the platter, but I think Cat was the only one who ate it (mainly out of guilt). Chinese don’t like cheese – who knew? Everyone! Everyone who has ever met a Chinese person! Silly Cat!

And here are the prawns from the Vic Market. They were something like $32 a kilo at the Vic Market, which is pricey, but everyone was amazed at how giant they were. You could buy pre-cooked prawns for a little more, but it’s so easy to cook prawns (just boil them for a few minutes and dunk them in ice water) and the pre-cooked ones don’t taste nearly as nice!

We were originally going to have dessert after, but everyone was so full that we decided to exchange presents before dessert. Present-exchanging is always a very elaborate affair, where each cousin takes turn guessing who their Kris Kringle was. Then everyone exchanges sibling gifts, and then we do the random $10 gifts.

Then the adults left and we realised that we’d forgotten to serve them dessert. To a bystander it might have looked like we waited for the adults to leave before having dessert, but that’s totally not how it went down.

James and I were pretty busted by the end of the night. We’d been awake since 5:30am and we still had to drive to Shoreham to celebrate Christmas with James’ family. We went home to drop everything off and pack our bags, and James chugged a Red Bull before we left. We arrived at 3:30am and were absolutely exhausted (though once we collapsed in bed I actually tried to stay awake because it felt so, so good to lie down with my eyes shut).

And that was my Christmas Eve (and part of Christmas Day)!


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