Another Pizza Attempt

15 Dec

I make pizza when I’ve run out of food. I’m normally quite organised with how much food I buy, but sometimes I miscalculate leftovers or haven’t accounted for lunch. I don’t know if James realises, but pizza is my “oh crap, there’s nothing to eat” meal.

It uses ingredients I already have on hand – canned tomatoes, mozzarella (though I’m running low – I need to make another Mediterranean Wholesalers run), chilli anchovies, and basil from the balcony garden. And also flour, oil, sugar, yeast and salt for the dough. Easy!

It feels so wholesome going onto the balcony and snipping off some basil. I should update about the garden soon, I’m just waiting for the tomatoes to do something interesting.

So really, this is a blog post about how lazy I’ve been all week. Normally I’m quite productive while James is at work, but since he’s working from home it feels like he’s still on holiday. I think December is going to be a pretty slack month for me!


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