James and the Venus Fly Trap

14 Dec

I bought a baby venus fly trap thingy earlier this year when Cat and I went to Bunnings. It was on the balcony while I was potting some other stuff I bought, and a GIANT fly landed next to it. The fly was probably the size of the VFT’s head. Anyway, James looked on with anticipation but nothing happened and the fly flew off, so James nudged it with a trowel and told it that it had to do better.

He repotted it with some better soil, and was like “this is enough for you to survive, but if you want to lead a good life you’re going to have to catch some flies.”

Also the VFT died like, a week later. As far as I know, it never caught a single fly.


2 Responses to “James and the Venus Fly Trap”

  1. gracioh December 27, 2012 at 1:52 pm #

    vft’s need poor soil to live in, and are best in a pot indoors as they need to be kept constantly wet (with say a spray bottle). they also won’t “eat” an insect unless it’s inside one of the vft’s jaws, they don’t move around to catch their prey 🙂

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