Cooking Stuff I Want

10 Dec

(or have recently bought)


A Kitchenaid mixer so I can make bread/pizza dough, baked goods, and ice cream. A couple of years ago there was a deal where you got a free ice cream bowl attachment (normally $200 I think) when you bought a mixer, so if they come out with that again I’ll definitely buy it.

Some A Grade Bourbon Vanilla for making my own vanilla extract.

A pizza stone. I’ve been getting into making pizza again and a stone would give me better heat. I could also use it for baking bread.

A 15cm ovenproof frying pan. I need to get this one soon since I’ll need it when I attempt the Bistro Vue tarte tatin for James’ birthday.

A mandoline. So I can julienne stuff easily.


I had a Myer gift card to use up (hooray for credit card rewards points!) so I picked up some of the more urgent items on my list. All the departments at Bourke Street Myer have been moved around again, but now half the stairwells and escalators are closed. James was at Myer last week, and even the staff didn’t know where some of the departments were. You can imagine how fun it is when you add heaps of confused Christmas shoppers.

All the Australian retailers are QQing about how everyone is spending their money buying overseas, but all the Christmas presents I bought online have:

  • arrived within a week and a half
  • been half the price I could buy them here
  • not required me to go shopping in a crowd of slow-walkers

And overall it’s a much more pleasant experience. But rant aside, this is the stuff I bought.

A mini cupcake/muffin tray. For a higher ratio of icing to cupcake!

Oxo Good Grips Tongs. I’m very picky about tongs, and these are my favourites.

More measuring spoons

A pizza cutter. Because I was getting tired of moving the pizza to a chopping board, then hacking away at it with a knife.


One Response to “Cooking Stuff I Want”

  1. TRYK PÅ KILTLER December 10, 2010 at 9:48 pm #

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