Fishing Adventures, Continued

8 Dec

There was perfect weather again the next day at Shoreham. We were pretty lucky, because that weekend of perfect weather was bookended by cloudy, humid, wet days. As I mentioned in my previous post, the tide was too low for squid fishing so we went to Flinders the next day to hunt squid. Tide was too low for squid fishing so we went out again the next day. Though in all honesty there was more mucking around than there was actual fishing.

Here is James jumping off the pier into the water.

It looked fun, but he was cold for the rest of the day.

Also this little guy showed up. He was pretty tame, swimming around the scuba divers, and sunbathing on the steps.

Cat told me that there was a guy at the end of the pier who had caught a squid, so we all went down to peer at his bucket. While we were there we took silly photos.

I look quite pleased/surprised in the second photo because I used to not be able to piggy back him. So I was a bit worried when James hopped on, but it was actually really easy.

The original plan for lunch was to go to Red Hill Kitchen, but they changed their opening hours and are no longer open on Sunday. I’ll have to try and catch them next time we go down. Instead we went to the Red Hill Bakery where I had a beef and burgandy pie with salad and chips, and a raspberry and white chocolate strudel for dessert.

The chips were delicious salty and the pie was beefy, though I did covet Cat’s duck pie. The salad was a little perfunctory, but that’s pretty much always the case when you order a meal where it isn’t the main event.

So even though we didn’t catch any squid, it was a really great, lazy day.

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