Adventures in Shoreham

5 Dec

James and I went to his parents’ beach house last weekend and dragged Cat and Scott along with us. It had been raining all week so we were a bit worried, but it ended up being perfect beach house weather.

On Saturday morning we went to the Red Hill market, which was incredibly packed. There was a truly impressive array of local produce (none of which I got good photos of, sorry!), and heaps of baked goods. There were so many gorgeous-looking items that I got overwhelmed and ended up buying nothing! Actually that’s not true, I bought some yo-yos and they were awesome. But I wish I had bought more! Scott bought some sticky date puddings and butterscotch sauce, and Cat got some fancy cider. I played at the petting zoo.

Then in the afternoon went to a beach in (I think) Flinders to catch bait for squid fishing. There was a net (with a hole in it) that we basically used to chased fish around. I caught a fish that we named Charlie. We got to talking about how fishermen make their catch look big by holding it way in front of them.

Look at my giant fish!

Err, medium sized fish?

Oh alright, busted.

Duncan said the tide was too low for squid fishing, so we packed it in for that day. For dinner we had turkey, ham, green beans and salad, followed by chocolate cake. The cake tin was slightly smaller than the one I normally use, which resulted in this:

See the tray underneath? That’s cos I knew that would happen. See how I didn’t move the cake to a bigger tin? That’s cos I was hoping that it might not happen.

It worked out okay in the end – I used a bread knife to level it off and we all snacked on discarded cake bits.

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