Watermelon Salad

2 Dec

This is one of two salads that James has commented favourably on (the other being a Greek salad that I make). The gold standard for salads is if James eats the salad at the same time that he eats the meat, instead of eating the meat first in case he gets full. The first time I made this salad it was finished before the meat. Holy crap!

It’s more of a fruit salad than a proper salad so I never count it towards my vegetable quota. But I have to say it really does hit the spot in hot weather, and the cleanness of the salad is great for cutting through the taste of heavier barbecued meats.

I don’t even have a recipe for it – it’s more of a method at this stage. Slice half a red onion and soak in some lime juice (it cuts down on the bite of the onion – feel free to omit the lime if you prefer your onion zingy). Chop up the watermelon, add enough mint, feta and kalamata olives so it looks right.

I think the original recipe called for dressing the salad with olive oil, but the watermelon is so juicy that I don’t find that necessary.

I had to roughly guess the quantities I used (guessed 400g watermelon and 50g feta) so the nutritional guide is even rougher than normal. But watermelon and feta are where the bulk of the calories come from, and the other ingredients don’t matter so much. Also this is the first time I’ve noticed that the % don’t add up to 100%! Don’t blame me, blame calorieking.


Very Rough Nutritional Guide:
1 salad: 327 calories, 44% fat, 15% protein, 40% carbs


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