Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pan Pacs

28 Nov

First things first, this is what I made to eat at the BJJ Pan Pacs: giant cookies, blueberries, and a ciabatta with chicken, mayo and avocado. I remember the food at the cafeteria being simultaneously crappy and expensive so I wanted to be prepared this year.

I entered the <49kg category but must have been the only one because I was bumped to the 55kg category. There is a 3kg gi allowance and I weighed 50.6kg with it on the day so I would have made weight easily. There were actually a lot of girls this year – there were almost more people in my division than there were white belts in total last year, which is awesome. It’s nothing compared to the men’s division though – some of the popular weight divisions had several pages of people and had to be fought over 3 mats.

1st fight (Maria)

She got 2 points for takedown, I got 3 points for side control. Then I accidentally kneed her in the head and we had a break. When came back the ref made us start from standing for some reason, and she got 2 points for another takedown, which meant I was 1 point behind. In her struggles Maria pulled down my top and I saw my own boob! She saw it too, but I don’t think anyone else did. I remember thinking at the time “oh god, James is videoing this!” but I couldn’t see any boobage on the video so it’s all good. I was under her for awhile but then I swept her in the last 10 seconds and got the win.

That was my favourite moment of the comp – I remember hearing all my teammates erupt in this giant ROAR and it just felt incredible.

2nd fight (Liv)

Liv kicked my butt so hard last year (something like 28-0) so I was really nervous going against her! She used to be a gymnast so she’s pretty strong. I can’t remember how she got her points – I think a takedown, side control and mount, for 8 in total. I’d managed to get her into side mount (4 points) with about 30 seconds to go, and was working a choke when the buzzer went. Even though I lost I was really happy at how it ended – I feel like if it had gone for another minute I would have had her (and in hindsight I should have tried to move to back mount to level the scores and force a ref decision).


I’m really proud of how I did – Rob says that because I’m so small I can’t afford to be on the bottom and I always need to try and get ontop. And I did exactly that – every time there was a scramble I would use everything I had to get into a good position. Maria told me afterwards that she couldn’t believe how strong and fast I was. =) Although watching the video, I look a lot slower than I felt – everything was going so fast for me, but on the video it’s just normal speed!

My normal strategy is not very well suited for competition – I’m good at continually escaping and wearing people down but not very good at attacking. Which tends to impress people in class because they’re like “wow that guy is 20kg heavier and can’t submit her” but if you scored it like a competition they would be racking up heaps of points on me and I’d lose 100-0. I tend to wait for “the perfect moment” to make my move, which isn’t a good idea when I only have 5 minutes! And really, there is no such thing as the perfect moment – I have to take the opportunities that I’m presented with. So at the comp I would attempt something and think “nah I don’t think I can make it, I’ll try again later” but then I would force myself to think “no! Now! Go, go, go!” And I would put everything I had into that moment, and it worked. It freaking worked!

I just need to train myself to listen to that second voice all the time so I can get into a dominant position earlier!


4 Responses to “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pan Pacs”

  1. Kalo November 30, 2010 at 1:51 pm #

    great post kaye 😀

    ok, couple of things…

    1. You get 3 points for passing, you get no points for side control
    2. That was a big mistake by the referee, there is no provision in the rules for her to recover from an accidental knock to the head, if she can’t continue for any reason you win (if the strike was deemed deliberate, she wins)
    3. I will use high tech image enhancement to search for boob in the video
    4. You have developed and excellent technical game but Rob is correct, getting to top position and passing should be a big focus for you from here on… i don’t want you to neglect triangles though because they’re an equalizer for littel ppl as well and by constantly trying to sweep from underneath you’ll open up tons of triangle options

    • pamperedhousewife November 30, 2010 at 2:08 pm #

      Hihi Kalo!

      During the fight I felt like I was going pretty fast and being purposeful, but then I watched the video and was like “I’m just moving normal speed and flailing around!”

      If you find boob I will curse my HD video recording. Damn you fancy camera!

  2. xguard November 30, 2010 at 2:07 pm #

    The only chance for a smaller person to win is to dominate the top or take the back, any sub attempts at the bottom is like going for a home run, you could get it but the chance is slim. The only exception I can think of is Tom’s close guard..otherwise we need to sweep/pass guard or take back.

    • pamperedhousewife November 30, 2010 at 2:11 pm #

      Hello mysterious person – I’m going to guess … Stan?

      Yeah, I remember Cuong telling me I needed to learn how to take the back. In general I find it hard to get on top, let along take the back! Something I need to work on I suspect.

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